VOCE Fresh Brew Coffee merchandiser

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Bring the coffee house experience to your consumers with barista-quality drinks from VOCE MEDIA coffee vending machine. Designed to brew that perfect cup every time, VOCE MEDIA offers a wide range of premium hot beverages that will transform your consumer’s experience and increase your sales.

With its ATM-style user-interface and powered by the MEDIA platform, VOCE MEDIA offers your consumers the variety they want with 18 drink selections. At the same time, VOCE exceeds consumer taste expectations with the same high-quality brewing process you find at the local coffee house.

Each drink is consistently delivered with stellar taste, aroma, color and appearance, and will bring consumers back for more. VOCE MEDIA is available in fresh-brew and bean-to-cup models and has proven to be a favorite destination for perfectly-brewed drinks served consistently and conveniently.

VOCE MEDIA serves high-profit specialty beverage to broaden younger consumer appeal while expanding consumption beyond the morning day part. The build-a-drink user interface is simple and flexible. Allows consumers to create their own beverage.

VOCE MEDIA offers an extensive range of premium quality coffee and specialty hot beverages at the touch of a button. High street quality and choice - reliably delivered. Voce MEDIA transforms the consumer experience with a new touch-sensor user interface, providing quality, choice and satisfaction. NAMA approved and Meets ADA Requirements. 


• 18 hot beverage selections
• Compelling design
• Small carbon footprint
• Premium finished product quality
• Abundant selections
• Reliable performance
• Simplifies maintenance
• Energy efficient
• Meets new ADA requirements


Height: 72″ (183 cm)

Width: 27.625″ (71 cm)

Depth: 32.125″ (71 cm)

Weight: 426 Lbs. (120 kg)

Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 60 Hz  12 AMPS

Money Acceptance: Conlux MDB MCM5 coin acceptor and Conlux MDB CV1000 $1 & $5 bill acceptor/validator. 

Options: Nayax V-POS, Cantaloupe (USA Technologies) e-Port Credit/Debit, or Greenlight card reader