Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

The only situation where one of these merchandisers would have to be returned is if there were damages done to it during shipping.  For all the years we have been in business, this has never happened.

Shipping and Delivery

The default US domestic shipping rate is $250.00 per merchandiser; if the machine needs to be delivered to a business without a loading dock, there is an additional $125.00 fee associated with the order for a lift-gate delivery to the destination.

If two or more merchandisers are ordered through our store, I will work directly with the freight company to negotiate the best price for you, the buyer – at that point, you would checkout and pay the default $250 per merchandiser shipping fee, and if there is any adjustment, we would refund you the difference. 

The normal delivery time to receive your merchandiser(s) is between five and ten business days.