If you are interested in financing/leasing the equipment, the company that we use are because we continue to place trust in them to handle the financing/leasing needs for our customers. We count on them to consistently deliver the highest level of service and value within their respective industry.



Vend Lease was founded in 1979 by Norbert and Raymond Paszkiewicz to provide equipment leasing to the vending industry throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As they enter their fourth decade, Vend Lease has evolved into a premier financial services provider for all kinds of businesses throughout the United States.

As a direct funding source, Vend Lease is positioned to remain steadfast to the markets that we serve.

Ultimately, our success is a result of their ability to create flexible programs and cost-effective solutions to business owners that require commercial equipment. 

 Customer Benefits

Let your capital work in other areas of your business while you finance with us!

-Minimal Upfront Cost

Lofty down payments not required. We keep cash in your hands by limiting the amount of upfront money necessary to do the deal.

-Master Lease

VLC can finance the equipment you need from multiple suppliers under one agreement. 

-Add-on Flexibility

Need more equipment? No problem.
You can add new purchases to your existing contract hassle free.

-Plain English Contracts

All of our documents are easy to read and have no "loopholes."
You will be glad you chose us.

 -Equipment Type

New or used.
We have no restrictions.

 -Discounted Early Buyouts

We offer you the opportunity to buy-out the contract with a discount and no prepayment penalty.  Debra Stoecker will professionally handle all your financing needs after filling out the C.A. linked below.

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