Vendo 10-Select Beverage merchandiser

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Energy star rated, 10-selection Beverage Merchandiser offers a variety of choices to your customers. The option to vend bottles and cans including energy drinks provides flexibility and diversity. Machine has the option to vend 16.9, 20 and 24oz. bottles or 12oz. cans - energy drinks in every column.


  • High capacity. Vend 10 selections
  • Illuminated product display
  • Individually priced selections
  • Product delivery sensory equipped guaranteeing product
  • Re-configurable product stacks allows you to vend 12oz. cans, 20oz. bottles, 16oz. bottle water and many other style beverages packages.
  • SIX-year warranty on refrigeration deck, FIVE-year warranty on control board (VCM) and vend motors, TWO-year warranty on coin changer and DBV.



Height: 72″ (182.9 cm)

Width: 39.5″ (84.5 cm)

Depth: 35″ (84.5 cm)

Weight: 660 lbs (308.6 kg)

Capacity: 300 20 oz. bottles/680 12 oz. cans

Electrical: 115 VAC/60Hz, 7 AMPS

Refrigeration: 1/3 HP, R-134a System

Money Acceptance: Conlux MDB MCM5 coin acceptor and Conlux MDB CV1000 $1 & $5 bill acceptor/validator

Options: Nayax V-POS, Cantaloupe (USA Technologies) e-Port Credit/Debit, or Greenlight card reader